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We Keep Your Green Bin Smelling Fresh

I could have climbed in that bin and eaten a picnic in there, it was so clean.

Kathryn, Bedford  ★★★★★

green bin before and after with dirty bin and clean bin

Stop lifting the lid with your pinky finger!

Why Clean Your Green Bin?

Discourages flies, wasps and maggots from breeding
Foul odours
Eliminates foul odours
Deters mice, rats, raccoons and other pests

We’ll take care of the dirty work for you!

How It Works


Using a customized pressure washer, we blast away stubborn debris that sticks to the inside of the green bin. All water used during the cleaning process is captured and recycled.


Our environmentally friendly cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Let us take care of the dirty work for you!

Eliminate Odour

Finally, we apply an odour eating enzyme that feeds on microscopic residue and leaves your bin smelling fresh and clean.

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Rates & Packages

Single Clean
$68per clean
  • Any time you need it!

We’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will only be charged for cleanings that take place. If our services are disrupted, whatever the reason, you will not pay for the cleaning. We will contact you and set up another time to complete the service.

We follow the exact same schedule as your waste and recycling pickup. If the HRM is not emptying bins on a particular day, we will do the cleaning the day of HRM’s substitute pick up date.

Our custom mobile cleaning system positions the green bin in a manner to collect the waste water created during the cleaning process. The water is then recycled through a multi-stage filtration process that cleans the water so that it may be reused.

You don’t need to be home for us to clean your green bin. The green bin should be left curb side until we have had a chance to clean it, otherwise, please have it in a plain view and in an accessible location.

We strive to have your bin cleaned by 9 p.m. In the unlikely event that your bin has not been cleaned by 9 p.m., one of our team members will notify you and ensure it is cleaned the next day.

If you’re unhappy for any reason, you can cancel your service and your outstanding balance will be refunded, minus a cancellation fee.

Our regular services are deeply discounted and it is possible that someone could take advantage of these prices and cancel their service after a one-time cleaning. The cancellation fee is the same cost as a one-time cleaning price plus a $15 credit card administration fee.

One-time cleanings require individual scheduling and billing. They are also more intensive, and often, more time consuming than continued service cleanings.

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